The King of Soho Dry London Gin

 London Dry & Pink Gin


The King of Soho Gin

Created by Alex Robson and Howard Raymond, sparked by an epiphany late one night over a classic Gin cocktail, the pair set about creating a high quality and beautifully designed spirit. 

A celebration of the life and legacy of the original ‘King of Soho’, Howard’s father, Paul Raymond.

A challenger spirit, Raymond was famous for his risqué shows and for a while dominated the London entertainment scene; revolutionising the district of Soho.

The bold and colourful design of the bottles embody the characteristics that make Soho unique, reflecting both the past and the present of this vibrant and hedonistic district of London.


The King of Soho Dry London Gin

London Dry Gin distilled in the heart of London using traditional methods. Crafted with no less than 12 botanicals.

The King of Soho Dry London Gin

Key facts

  • Gin made in UK. The packaging is recyclable and sustainable.
  • Five times distilled to a unique recipe
  • Classic London Dry Gin, with a contemporary twist
  • Grapefruit, sweet orange peel,  juniper and cassia
  • 42% ABV

* Gin and Tonic Signature Garnish – slice of pink grapefruit

Tasting notes

Clean and gentle nose, King of Soho opens up to reveal classic juniper driven pine notes, with a refreshing twist  of grapefruit. Warming, peppery spice ends the journey with a satisfying nip and a smooth finish, in what is a classically styled gin.

The King of Soho Variorum Gin

A pink berry edition of the original King of Soho London Dry Gin. Notes of strawberry complement the classic juniper and citrus flavours of the original recipe.

Key facts

  • Lovingly crafted in London
  • Made in UK
  • A pink berry edition of the classic London Dry Gin
  • Strawberry, floral chamomile and citrus
  • 37.5% ABV

* Gin and Tonic Signature Garnish – strawberries

Why ‘Variorum’? The creativity and literary works of Soho were the inspiration behind the name.  In literature, a variorum edition is an original works with notes.

Tasting notes

Fresh strawberry and floral chamomile lead on a wave of soft juniper with a suggestion of citrus. The off-sweet palate has fruit bursting at the front before a gentle vanilla spice emerges giving a luxurious creamy feel. Strawberries and cream give way to a subtle floral tone on the finish with a pronounced tang of grapefruit.

The King of SohoVariorum Gin

Some of our Botanicals

Juniper Berries


The primary botanical in gin is Juniper, it is also the only botanical that is required by law. Since the 10th century Juniper extracts have been widely used for their medicinal benefits. Juniper is a member of the conifer family and the oil from the berries contains a high level of pine notes which one should always be able to find in gin.


Gin botanicals

Considered one of the nine sacred Saxon herbs, Chamomile has been used extensively in aromatherapy for centuries. Its relaxing properties are well known. When used as a gin botanical, it adds a combination of flavours such as apple and freshly-mown hay.


Coriander seeds GIn botanicals

Probably the second most commonly used botanical in gin is coriander seed.  Cultivated by the Ancient Greeks since 2000BC it has a mild sweet, citrus flavour and imparts an ethereal floral and lemon citrus scent which harmonises with the Juniper.

Orange Peel

Gin Botanicals

Orange oil slows down the heart rate and promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Well known for lifting the mood and encouraging sleep. It’s use in both aromatherapy and perfumery is extensive – a great example is Chanel No5.



Mentioned as an aphrodisiac in the Kama Sutra, Liquorice is a difficult flavour to identify in gin but often manifests itself in ways similar to fennel, tarragon and anise.  The powdered root which we use is very sweet containing enzymes much sweeter than sugar which helps enhance other flavours.

Grapefruit Peel

The king of Soho Gin_Grapefruit peel

Our main citrus botanical is Grapefruit Peel. It enhances the ‘freshness’ of the aromas in the gin and nuances the citrus in the finish.  Originally called ‘the forbidden fruit’, Grapefruit, is believed to have originated in Barbados and is a fusion of sweet orange and pomelo. The peel is known for its antioxidant properties.

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The London district of Soho is a microworld, rich in creativity, fun and modern culture and now in gin.

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